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  • Lessig


    law professor, activist.

  • Brian Keating

    Brian Keating

    Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego. Author of Losing the Nobel Prize. https://BrianKeating.com

  • Ethereum Optimism

    Ethereum Optimism

    Scaling Ethereum

  • Mark Hammons

    Mark Hammons

    Still a Jack, not a King. Archivist, historian, IT systems architect, scryer, apprentice of cognitive dissonance.

  • Dave


    IT geek, coder, gamer, storyteller, autodidact, aspiring polymath, nonconformist, dreamer. Saving the world one problem at a time.

  • Philosophy as a Way of Life

    Philosophy as a Way of Life

    by Massimo Pigliucci. Practical philosophy, science, and good reasoning. Complete index of articles at https://philosophyasawayoflife.blog/essays/

  • Sengupta Abhijit

    Sengupta Abhijit

  • Kaitlin Rasmussen

    Kaitlin Rasmussen

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